Monday #439

That’s us at the end of August now, the end of summer probably, but we can always hope for a little more sunshine! I know that Blyton’s characters always said that food tastes better outdoors, and on a nice sunny day that’s definitely true. It’s not quite so true when it’s in the minus figures! Hopefully, though, we won’t be forced into outdoor meals this autumn and winter.

August round up


Cunningham and Petrov: The Mystery of the Missing Children chapter 21

Auntie Bessie had made them a lovely picnic lunch. There were ham sandwiches, hard-boiled eggs in their shells, each with a screw of salt beside them, slices of sticky gingerbread, last autumn’s yellow apples and half a bottle of milk each.

“I wonder why food tastes so much nicer out of doors than indoors,” said Rory, munching hard. The children has spread out Rory’s mackintosh and were sitting on it, leaning back against a big old oak tree, with the March sun shining warmly through the bare branches.

I picked a book (The Children of Cherry Tree Farm) at random and turned to a random page and honestly, that’s what I landed on!


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1 Response to Monday #439

  1. Helen Richards says:

    That’s exactly the kind of picnic I like! Sticky gingerbread… does anyone have a recipe? I bought some in Sussex last year, which had been locally made. I think I was at Sheffield Park National Trust cafe. I have searched the internet for a recipe but can only find the sort of gingerbread used to make gingerbread men, and ginger cakes.


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