Monday #475

In the spirit of getting unpleasant things over and done (having finally finished the Naughtiest Girl continuations) with I’m going to tackle the other novelisation of the Adventure Series on TV this week.

To counterbalance the outpouring of negativity that will surely provoke, I’ve chosen something a bit more positive for Wednesday.

My favourite Enid Blyton book covers


The Sea of Adventure TV novel


“Batteries,” suggested Barrie.

“Batteries? What for?” asked Jenny, looking confused and getting out her kit list to check.

“Our torches. We will be taking them won’t we? Might need them if we are out at night, so we must make sure they won’t run out when we need them.”

A little sneak-preview for you here, of The Secret of Flittermouse Cliffs by Zoe Billings. It’s still at the proof-reading stage so I can’t promise this will be in the final product, but I hope so! All Barrie needs now is a rope to tie around his waist and he’s ready for a Blytonian adventure.




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