Monday #496

It feels like I was just writing my last (and lighthouse themed) Monday post but it was in fact a week ago. I haven’t visited any exciting places since then, but it’s the first of two weeks school holidays now, so maybe I’ll go somewhere interesting soon.

Five Go to Demon’s Rocks part four


Blyton for grown-ups – Rules and Lessons by Jenny Colgan

“Oh, Saucepan, I’d so like a frock!” said Bessie.

Well, Saucepan thought she said “clock,” and off he went to find the biggest one in the Land. He managed to get one at last, and put it on his back. It was a grandfather clock and so large that it quite bent him in two with its weight. Everyone stared in surprise as old Saucepan came up with it.

“Here you are, Bessie dear—here’s your clock,” said Saucepan, beaming at her.

“Saucepan, I said FROCK, not a clock,” said Bessie, trying not to laugh. “A FROCK!”

Poor Saucepan. He simply didn’t know what to do with the clock after that, and in the end he left it in a field, striking all by itself very solemnly.

The perils of surrounding yourself with pots and kettles and pans which go clattering and jangling all day means you never quite hear anyone right, and here – in the Land of Presents – the Saucepan Man’s mis-hearings cause a lot of amusement.


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1 Response to Monday #496

  1. Hannah Emily Shribman-Brown says:

    The frock is one thing, but what about the lion he gave to poor Dame Washalot who wanted an iron?


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