Monday #499

It’s the last Monday, and the last day, of October. That means firstly it’s Halloween today, and that the clocks went back yesterday morning. I’m writing this rather later than usual – at half past five – and it’s already pitch black outside.

October round up


Ten years of World of Blyton

I’ve already used this in my review of the latest episodes of Malory Towers on TV but it’s so good I thought it bore repeating.

May the best man win.
Shame you’re just a boy, then.

I love Darrell’s come back against the over confident boys’ team captain. As they walked in they were muttering to each other how this was going to be easy seeing as it was against girls. It would have been nice if the girls had been strong opponents from the start instead of waiting for halfway through to stage a comeback, but they won in the end which is what’s important.



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