The Blyton Book of Keepsakes


While I was on holiday last week and even though I wasn’t in what I strictly think of as Blyton country, I did manage to find something ever so beautiful!

This neat little thing used to be a hard back of Five Get Into Trouble and in a way still is, but someone very very clever has turned it into a ‘keepsake’ book. Some major renovations have occurred obviously, so if you do’t like the idea of having books ‘defaced’ well this isn’t something for you.

I must admit I was a bit skeptical when I first saw this craft but as soon as I had a closer look at it I fell in love. The care and dedication that had been put into making this keepsake book. In theory what you do is you use it to keep things you want to remember in it, like postcards or photos or tickets. In fact it also comes with one to get you started. Unfortunately the front of the card is very faded so its hard to see exactly what is on it, but the creator of the book has written on the back of the card what you are supposed to do with the book.


Its a very nice idea to use one of your favourite books to keep your memories in and its covered beautifully in fabric, and the pages are stitched together to make pockets for your memories. There are beautiful decorations in the form of washi tape  and stamps of keys and bicycles and cameras. You can still see the text and lots of the old illustrations.

I know in my heart of hearts it not something I could ever do to a book, but if it saves the said book from going to the recyclers then surely its a good thing? I’m totally in love with this book and so glad I brought it home with me. I shall now try and find things to go in it. My only negative thing about it is the picture on the front. It looks like it has been enlarged and printed off which makes the quality of the picture a little dubious. It would have been nicer if the creator had scanned in their own dustjacket photo perhaps and printed it on photo paper perhaps? Still, its a gorgeous thing, shame there was only one!

Now…where are all my old books!

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  1. chrissie777 says:

    It’s a lovely idea, Stef, and I would be enchanted with it, too. A few years ago when I watched a German TV movie about an old couple who meets again in Berlin some 40 years after the end of WW II it was mentioned in the bonus material that the story was based on two novels by a German female author (one title is “Ich an dich” and the other one “Ich an mich” (From me to you/From me to myself). One was published in the 1930’s (without any political propaganda in it, thank God!), it was a bestseller way back then and couples in love gave it to each other on Valentine’s Day or on birthdays. The sequel came out in the early 1950’s. Well, I found both books on and ordered them. Have to admit that I was quite pleasantly surprised when I opened the books and checked them out (I also read them, of course :)). Each novel is very unique…a bit like a scrapbook with keepsakes like photos, theater tickets, bills from small purchases, postcards etc. It’s a love story written in letters and the keepsakes are on almost every page. You can imagine that I enjoy opening them from time to time, just look at the keepsakes.


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