Monday #344

Noddy is 70 years old this month! His first book, Noddy Goes to Toyland was published in November 1949. I thought we would have a bit of a Noddy theme today and a review of a Noddy book on Wednesday to celebrate.

The Big Noddy book #2


October round up

Oh, Wind, you’re very rough today,
You blow the clouds along,
You puff my chimney smoke away
And sing a windy song.
You shake the washing to and fro,
You make me dance and sing,
You take my little bells and blow
To make it jingle-jing!
Oh, it is a happy thing
To have a little bell to ring!

One of Noddy’s songs from Noddy and Tessie Bear.

Toyland is full of towns and villages populated by toys. There is Toy Village where Noddy lives, Bouncing Ball Village, Golliwog Town, Humming-Top Village, Wooden-Engine Village, Doll’s-house Town, Skittle Town, Toy-Cat Village, Noah’s Ark Town, Rocking Horse Town, Clockwork Clown Village and Toy-Dog Town amongst many others.

Apart from Toy Village the rest are populated by a single type of toy.


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