Monday #458

I feel like I’m stuck in a strange time loop where every week I say I’ll review Five Get Into a Fix and then something comes up that prevents me actually doing it. Maybe this will be my lucky week and I will actually manage to get it done.

My 2021 in books and in Blyton


Five Get Into a Fix

The boys were tired, but not too tired to examine the little hut thoroughly—though it really was more like a one-roomed house. It faced across the deep valley, and the sun shone straight into it. Julian opened cupboard after cupboard, exclaiming in delight.

‘Bedding! Towels! Crockery—and cutlery! And look at these tins of food—and bottles of orangeade and the rest! My word, people who come to stay at Magga Glen in the summer must have a fine time!’

I’m sure it’s a very nice little summer house but it amuses me just how excited Julian is by mundane necessities such as bedding, towels and crockery. Oh, and the cutlery!

Of course I have in no way chosen a quote from Five Get Into a Fix to prove that I have actually read some of it over the past week…

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