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Roald Dahl vs the Sensitivity Readers

Enid Blyton’s books have been being updated for decades now, and while there is often complaints amongst the fans it is generally a muttering on forums and in Facebook groups. After all, it has been happening for years and it’s … Continue reading

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Malory Towers on TV – Episodes nine and ten

Malory Towers went on the iPlayer very early in the lock down, so early April and here I am just getting to episodes nine and ten (of thirteen). I know a lot of people binged it but I watch two … Continue reading

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Locked down library displays weeks 6 and 7

I’m still doubling up the weeks so that I can get through them a bit quicker. Here are links to weeks one, two, three and then four and five in case you missed them. Day #36 Marvel An array of … Continue reading

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Five Get Into Trouble

It has been ages since my last Famous Five review. Three months, in fact! I had almost forgotten I had been doing them. But here I am with book number eight. So far only books one and two have been … Continue reading

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On my bookshelf part 5

I have written about most of my Blyton books already, but there are more children’s books in my collection. I have another shelf of mostly vintage books and one of mostly newer ones, which also has my collection of Blyton … Continue reading

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Enid Blyton, praise and criticism part 3: The Ultimate First Book Guide

The Ultimate First Book Guide claims to contain over 500 great books for 0-7s. This might be dangerous for me as I will probably see lots of things I will want to read, I really enjoy going back and reading popular children’s … Continue reading

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The Magic Faraway Tree, part 3

The last chapter I read ended after they returned from the weirdly wonderful Land of Dreams. I wonder where they will be off to next! THE LAND OF TOYS In another random moment of the tree having a schedule the … Continue reading

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Making Blyton’s Food: Heroic Chocolate Cake by Jane Brocket

Well I managed to make a cake, but its not strictly Blyton. I reverted to Jane Brocket’s book after my foray into Delia last time, but unfortunately the baking Blyton saviour did not have a Blyton Chocolate cake, and we … Continue reading

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