Search terms 8

I like doing posts about our search terms so much here’s the 8th one for you!

Good questions

Can you read Famous Five in any order? > You can, as each story is complete in itself – Blyton says this in several of her notes to readers at the start of each book. In my opinion it’s better to read them in order, though, to appreciate them fully. The children grow up during the series and a few characters appear more than once.

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Where was The Mystery of the Burnt Cottage setting? > It is set in Peterswood which is loosely based on Bourne End.

What islands are in Sea of Adventure by Enid Blyton? > The Islands aren’t named (other than by the children who nickname them) but they are in the north of Scotland.

Who stole Noddy’s cothes in the hobgoblin wood? > Well, I’m struggling to find reference to Hobgoblin wood specifically. In Here Comes Noddy Again he goes into the Dark Woodand has his clothes and car stolen. The original text features golliwogs, the modern reprints have changed this to goblins. It could be that a TV episode based on this story named the wood as Hobgoblin Wood, and I would then suspect goblins of being the guilty party.

Why is Big Ears called Mr Squeaks in America? > I don’t know the answer to this, but it’s a good question! Lots of things get renamed for the American market. The Island of Adventure, for example, is Mystery Island over there.

Which Blyton book sees George in bed on Christmas day not being able to eat? and George in the Enid Blyton book says imagine not being able to eat on Christmas day and being in bed which book was this from? > This person was interested enough to ask twice! Five Get Into a Fix has Dick say something about how that Christmas was the worst they’d ever had as they’d spent it in bed not being able to eat. That’s why they get sent off to Magga Glen in the new year, to recover.

Where does Uncle Quentin live? > Mostly in his study at Kirrin Cottage.

What typeface is on the cover of Enid Blyton’s Famous Five books? > There are different fonts on just about every edition.

Advantages and disadvantages of shoe house described in Magic Faraway Tree > This is a hypothetical question, I assume. I think it would depend if it was a waterproof shoe or a holey old trainer! One advantage might be that you could make it walk somewhere else if your neighbours started annoying you. A disadvantage might be if a giant came along and stole your home to keep his foot warm.

What would Peter from the secret seven look like? > I’m not sure Peter (or any of the Seven are described in great detail). I know he would be neat and tidy (unless in the middle of dressing as a guy or crawling around caves) and he would have a bossy and leaderish expression on his face.

Strange Questions

Answer of the story the blue shoes for party by Enid Blyton. What’s the question?

Explain Timmy character in famous five novel. He’s a dog.

Difficult words in the book Claudine at Saint Clare’s. What difficult words? Unfamiliar ones because they are no longer used, such as galoshes or sou’wester? (probably not those but I couldn’t think of better examples that might be in a school book). Or long-and-complicated?

Why is The Mountain of Adventure a good book? Read it and find out!

Summary of The Mystery of Pantomime at Railway Station. Is this an as-yet undiscovered Five Find Outers’ book?

Five Findouters fat shaming. Fat-shaming just wasn’t a thing when Blyton was writing.

A dog in a parishute alown. I assume this is meant to read a dog in a parachute alone. I’m still not sure what that has to do with Enid Blyton, though. That’s not the searcher’s fault, of course. To my knowledge, before today, we have never used parishute (a parish parachute?) or alown on the blog!

Proper book review on Secret Seven first book. What makes a proper review? Or indeed, what makes an improper one?

Famous Five 14 Kirrin Cottage. This looks like a street address, but Kirrin Cottage isn’t a street/block of flats. The 14th book – Five Have Plenty of Fun – is set in Kirrin and Kirrin Cottage, perhaps that’s what they meant?

Milly Molly Mandy books Enid Blyton. The Milly Molly Mandy books are actually by Joyce Lankester Brisley. This search leads to the blog, though, because I’ve suggested that you might like the Milly Molly Mandy books if you like Enid Blyton.

milly molly mandy

The Famous Five Fanfiction Anne injured and The Famous Five Fanfiction Anne hurt. I’m not sure if this person is thinking of a particular story they’ve read or heard of, or just really want to read a story about Anne getting hurt. We’ve previously had searches for Anne being kidnapped in fan fiction.

Famous Five without Timmy. What would the Famous Five be without Timmy?? Well, they wouldn’t be Five, for one. And they probably wouldn’t be famous because they’d have failed to get out of many a sticky situation without Timmy’s fierce protectiveness.

Why did Enid Blyton write firework night? Enid Blyton wrote about lots of different subjects, about anything that took her fancy. Sometimes it was just subjects she was interested in, other times she hoped to reach out to her readers to educate them. She was very devoted to animal welfare so it make sense that she would write this poem to educate children about keeping their pets safe on bonfire night.

Enid Blyton Frederick Arnold Trotter. So close! It still spells FAT… but his middle name is Algernon and his last name is Trotteville. And that leads us neatly to the last section:

That’s not her name

Enid Blyton seems such a difficult name to get right!

Small poem in English Enid Bliyon and their summary. I suppose this sounds similar if you’re someone who doesn’t clearly pronounce their Ts.

Enid Baytown movies and tv shows. I checked, there’s no hits for anyone called Enid Baytown on Google, except for one where the person is clearly also talking about Enid Blyton!

Craggy Tops Enid Bluton. Nope.


Enud Blyton films. Still nope.

This Is Magazine Euid Blyton and This is Euid Blyton Magazine. Putting the title in a different order doesn’t turn a U into an N.

It’s Raining poem by Enid Blighton. Real poem, not a real author.

An obsession with spanking?

There’s almost always a few searches about spanking (or spankijgs which I assume is just a typo!).

Amelia Jane first edition spankijg

Spanking in Blyton’s books

There we go, that’s some of what people wanted to know about recently!

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  1. chrissie777 says:

    Fiona, I keep wondering how you come up with these search terms?


    • fiona says:

      Behind the scenes here I have a statistics page which tells me how many views different posts have had and also what search terms Google has used to direct visitors to the blog.

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