Monday #369

Five on a Hike Together part 2


April round up

If one cannot enjoy reading a book over and over again, there is no use in reading it at all.

– Oscar Wilde

I’m an avid re-reader, and not just with my Blytons. Now is certainly a good time to revisit old favourites.

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4 Responses to Monday #369

  1. chrissie777 says:

    I do the same. Just finished reading “The Shell Seekers” and am now reading “September”, the sequel. After that I’ll read my favorite, “Coming Home”.
    Guess I’ll do a lot of re-reading my old favorites as long as this pandemic will last. Actually I shouldn’t as I have hundreds of newer books which I still have not read. But the old books are for me like good friends, they give me comfort.


    • fiona says:

      I’ve got lots of new books I should be reading too. I try to keep a balance between new books and rereads otherwise my to read pile would get even more out of control than it already is!

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      • chrissie777 says:

        Fiona, I carry my TBR mountain (66 books in my nightstand book case) from one year to the next year, because I find too many fascinating books at the public library. But now our Worcester Public Library is closed since 16th of March and might not open for another month or more, so finally I had a chance to work on that book mountain.


  2. I adored Five Go To Smuggler’s Top. Oh, how I wish I hadn’t given my old original hardcover books away.


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