Monday #479

I know that at least one person noticed that I have been AWOL the last few weeks. I was away on holiday and the week before that was just so busy. But I am back now, so it’s business as usual.

May round up


The Diary of the Naughtiest Girl by Jeanne Willis

Newly published this week is Zöe Billings’ new book – The Secret of Flittermouse Cliffs. I reviewed her first The Secret of Tull Hall after it came out last year, and this one features the same children. This time they are off to an outdoor activity centre where something just isn’t quite right…

I have already read this as I proof-read it, but I will review it once I’ve read it properly.


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1 Response to Monday #479

  1. thunderwings says:

    I wondered where you were! Glad to see your post in my email box.


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